Of course I called Jeff Johnson, owner of Bake N Cakes on Kalamazoo Street in Lansing, when I needed cupcakes for my wedding. Everyone LOVED them!

Bake N Cakes has been a fixture in the Lansing community for 35 years and business partners with WMMQ for almost as long.

Jeff has been there for the WMMQ Halloween Costume Contest for Dogs, providing coffee and treats for everyone.

From my observations over the decades of our friendship, Jeff takes great care of his employees, his customers, his pals and, of course, his family.

It's been quite a journey for Jeff, watching the flood waters rise on security camera last week, doing tremendous damage to the brick-and-mortar part of the business he's spent so much time and energy creating.

The good news is that repairs are nearly finished and the ovens will be firing soon to make all the delicious treats for which Bake N Cakes is known. A big part of what makes the rebuilding possible is the foundation they've built via customer relationships - that's what keeps any good business in operation.

We can help support this small business in our Lansing community - by buying cookies, 'Dream Cakes', cupcakes and all the other delicious treats - it's our duty!



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