Good Lord it's hot. (How HOT is it?)

It's so hot my kid, who loves the outdoors, doesn't even want to go out anymore.

Last year, I ran some old hose through the trees. The wife LOVED how it looked. It was like an aerial sprinkler from Joe Dirt, a white trash treasure. Turns out, the wife may have been right about that one and a few other crappy water toys I got for my daughter. Click here to see my failure. 

2 years ago, I was shopping at Costco and came across this water table.

From the Pants yard collection.
From the Pants yard collection.

It rarely gets used anymore, as my daughter is on the move a lot more this year but we got some miles out of that thing.

The Slip n' Slide. This was right after the rain last night and will be replaced tomorrow. I found both of ours at the clearance sales last year. It's the best way to buy a Slip N' Slide. They get gross fast, like inflatable pools. WARNING: Make sure the slide is totally wet before you chest dive shirtless on to one. It WILL leave a mark.

Pants Slip n' Slide

The water balloon fight.

The inflatable pool. The plastic monstrosity is what we call it. Good God, that is a lot of plastic. My It has a sprinkler attached. My sister got us this one from Target but if I were to do a review it wouldn't be glowing. They get gross fast and this one has more valve stems than an 18 wheeler. The plastic dildos really pull it down. Terrible design.

Pants Plastic Pool Monstrosity

The old school plastic pool. She actually is spending more time in this one now. Look at all that s#&! in my yard.

Backup Pool

Sometimes all you need is an old hose and to poke a few holes to find fun.


On old school sprinkler is fun and relaxing to watch go back and forth. Plus, a simple garden hose nozzle or sprayer goes a long way.

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