Pretty sure I have used all of these excuse in my 12 years here as a radio personality. Our job isn't like a lot of jobs. We HAVE to sound happy, even when we are not.

I think our list of excuses is a lot longer. Like, I have called in because of IBS. Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Diarrhea made it in at #10 but it's not IBS. You could use both! #9 was "You have the runs." You could use all 3!!!

Ranker people voted and the #1 reason for calling into work was: Food Poisoning. (Used it) You can click here to see the full list to get some ideas. 

My favorite recent one: Got bit by something, wasn't in there.

Some are pretty vague: Like, you're is sick. That was #3. Used that. #5 Someone was in the hospital. Used that.

The one I use the most: PTSD. The one I will use the most in the future: My kid is sick. As soon as we had her, I got a fresh batch of reasons not to do something. A great reason to have a kid.

Check out the list and see if there is anything you HAVEN'T used.

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