In coming up with this list, I perused other “Michigan's Best Fireworks Locations” lists and was disappointed in some of their conclusions. I got the feeling they were pushing some of these locations just to brown-nose a little. So I started from scratch and checked out each one myself, without trusting some of those 'other' lists.

My list is mostly based on beach accessibility, as many beaches are perfect for firework watching – especially if there are fireworks behind you and across the water. You can't get better than that when it comes to multiple firework displays. That does not mean that there aren't any good places inland...there are plenty. It's hard to beat a fireworks display, no matter where you are.

So if you don't agree with some of these, none of these, or all of these, that's cool...that means you have your own personal favorite place(s) to spend your Independence Day firework viewing. There's nothing scientific about this list, nor is it based on statistics...these are just the ones I personally found to be:

Michigan's Best Places To Spend the 4th of July


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