It seems to be getting harder and harder to go out for dinner these days with COVID cases on the rise. I guess it is something we once took for granted  I know I miss it a lot. I will occasionally go now, but play it real safe and I am taking all the pandemic precautions. I also don't stay long. I have waited as long as an hour for a table because of the limited space a some restaurants, so allow extra time

Here are some restaurant outdoor dining tips from They say

 Currently, there is no evidence to suggest that COVID-19 is spread by handling or eating food. However, it is important to limit close contact with people outside of your home, encourage handwashing, and wear a mask when you’re not eating. Get tips for protecting  yourself from COVID-19 when eating in a restaurant, and read considerations for ways restaurants and bars can protect employees and customers.

I think it is important to get out once in a while for dinner, not only for our well being, but to support local restaurants and businesses during the pandemic. Restaurants are going out of their way to keep us safe.

  1. Bowdies Chophouse
  2. The Rusty Mug
  3. The Peoples Kitchen
  4. The Creole Burger Bar and Southern Kitchen 
  5. Green Dot Stables
  6. Good Truckin' Diner
  7. Soup Spoon Café
  8. Stateside Deli and Restaurant 
  9. Zoobies Old Town Tavern 
  10. Meat BBQ

Have you been going out to dinner during COVID?  Where is your favorite place to go?

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