Yesterday, I HAD to get the kid out of the house. I knew it was going to be a hot one so, we set out early to try to catch what cool we could.

We were about to drop off some recycling but there were so many cars there, I proceeded past the center and drove into Williamston. I spotted that very scenic bridge by the river next to the Eagles and though she would love to take a walk there in the nature.

Nugget walked over that bridge, on the trail through the woods and when it opened up, all we could see was a HUGE playground for kids. We made it to one of the Williamston play areas, I think the elementary school.

From the Pants Nugget Stash
From the Pants Nugget Stash

There was hardly anyone there. The kid hit every slide. Taking big steps up. Yelling down the tube slide that were WAY too big for her. But she hit them anyway. She went hard, I thought for sure she would sleep good but nope. All the excitement kept her up all friggin' night even though, I had to carry her back to the car.

We washed up, took care of the recycling but I was relieved to stumble on to a gold mine. Another place to take this kid to try and tire her out. Wish me luck!


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