Go figure, I am out of state and my phone dies. It's not a fun thing to have happen at Cedar Point. I made sure I kept close to my family all day so I didn't lose them.

If you have never been to the Halloweekends at Cedar Point, it's pretty cool especially for kids. We took our kid, and in the kid areas they have all kinds of activities. A corn maze, a corn pit for the kids to play in and get tired. Trick or treating and The Great Pumpkin parade. I am not sure if kids today know what that is but my daughter sure loved it.

While we were walking around, I spotted this GEM!

From Mrs. Pants Stash
From Mrs. Pants Stash

I asked if I could snap his pic and the wife took it after he approved. He was pushing his kid in a stroller in that shirt! How classic!

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