Safety Tip of the Day from our friend Tim Hoffman:

"Never leave a perfectly goof fire starter next to the grill.
Yes, it was loud, yes, it did go off like a grenade. Luckily no food was damaged..."

With grilling season in full swing, I asked Tim if I could share his Facebook post.  He agreed and also added the following:

Butane boils at 274 degrees. The spot where I laid the grill lighter down measures 419 degrees with the same two burners on. Without any obvious burn marks on the lighter, or grill, I may have boiled it, until the pressure made it explode. This just makes me want to grab the video camera and try it again. Would you write my wife and tell her I want to blow more shit up on her grill in the name of science and WMMQ??

I told him I'd be HAPPY to petition his wife with the plan.  We'll let you know how it goes.