(The Six O'Clock Triple Shot is a daily feature of three songs that share a common theme, heard weeknights on 94.9 WMMQ)

July 1 marks Canada Day each year. And, to be quite honest with you, I have no idea what Canada Day marks. The more I read upon the topic, the more confused I get. I guess, the nuts and bolts of it, are that Nova Scotia and New Brunswick combined with the former Province of Canada to form a federation of four provinces. Province of Canada was split into two separate provinces, Quebec and Ontario. With the enactment of the British North America Act on July 1, 1867, I guess we can call it Canada's birthday...but The British maintained some sort of parliamentary control. How ever you mix it, it's just damn weird...like most things Canadian.

But, weirdness aside. It's Canada Day. And, Canada has produced some damn good rock music over the years. Tonight, we'll celebrate...I think...with our Canadian buddies by playing three rockers from their native land. Tune in for Triumph's "Lay It On The Line", "Show Don't Tell" from Rush, and we'll round out it out by "Rockin' In The Free World" with Neil Young. It's tonight's Six O'Clock Triple Shot on 94.9 WMMQ!