It's pretty strange looking at the standings in the Big 10 right now. Indiana and Northwestern are on top in their respective divisions. Sure, Indiana still has to play Ohio State and the Buckeyes are the cream of the crop. That game is happening this weekend in Columbus. But what a strange season it has been already.

Michigan was ranked in the top 25 and thinking BIG then, stumbled against Michigan State and has been reeling since. They lost to Wisconsin this weekend 49-11.

Things weren't much better for MSU. Spartan fans had a lot of hope in Freshmen Quarterback Payton Thorne but he didn't turn out to be the savior we were all waiting for... At least not yet. I still think throwing in the towel on Rocky (Lombardi) was a good idea. Start building towards the future. There are surely more rough days ahead for MSU. A team can't have it's leader turn the ball over as much as Lombardi was. You can excuse that from a Freshmen... Not your experienced junior signal caller.

No one is feeling the Bizarro 2020 season more than Penn State. The Nittany Lions are 0-4 for the first time since 2001. They are at the bottom of the Big 10 looking up at Rutgers, MSU and Michigan... Who are all looking up at Maryland?

Other than Ohio State leading and Michigan being overrated as usual... This is a very bizarre season and keeps getting stranger.

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