Okay, so even though it hasn't been OFFICIALLY confirmed... this tweet from Buddy's Pizza pretty much says it all.

On Monday morning, they posted an MLive article from 2017 about Carraba's, in Grand Rapids, closing and dropped a giant hint as to what could be going there instead. If you ask me, the wink speaks for itself.

Another indication that Buddy's is coming to West Michigan is from another tweet on the 20th.

We knew our next location needed to be in a city with great local breweries - after all, beer and pizza belong together...

GREAT LOCAL BREWERIES... Hello!! Grand Rapids is "Beer City USA!" Where else would their next location be?! So even though its all speculation right now it's looking like a good chance it's going to happen.

If you're not familiar with Buddy's Pizza, it's been a staple in the Detroit area since 1946 offering some of the best Detroit-style pizza you'll ever have. Plus, you can't have the pizza without having one of their salads.

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