So, all afternoon, I keep hearing the line from 'the Mama's and the Papa's': "California dreamin, on such a Winter's daaa-aaayyy" least the sky's not grey today.  I will not be jealous of my friends heading for Florida in two days.  I will just close my eyes and remember climbing Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes with My Honey-- yes, we went all the way to Lake Michigan and back -- two hours to the Lake, a refreshing swim, then a nearly two hour hike back to the car.  Frankly, I was ready to wimp out at the top of the first dune, but I had promised My Honey that I would do this with him and it seemed way too early to bail.  Plus, when I saw the three guys in front of us carrying babies on their shoulders, I had to keep going -- and they made it all the way, too!!