Ok, this is a little tricky so please pay attention.

The next time you're in church or the movie theater (might be a while but still) and you see someone with a pistol on their hip, you can know where you stand and if you should leave or alert the authorities.

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At any time if you you get lost or confused (as I have a couple of times) you can head HERE and find out the LAW as it pertains to FIREARMS in the State of Michigan.

The reason I went to look this up is because of the Secretary of State, a gun ban, Election Day, polling places, and the courts essentially telling her no bueno.

Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson issued a directive Oct. 16 instructing local clerks to ban the open carry of guns at all polling places on Election Day, but a group of Michigan gun groups sued to invalidate it. Chief Judge Christopher Murray granted a preliminary injunction Tuesday, Oct. 27 that gets rid of the ban for next week’s election. (MLive)

The reason the SOS put this in place? Voter intimidation at the polls.

The reason why this was struck down so to speak? Some places you vote are already on a list where you're not supposed to have a gun. Unless...exceptions. Here, take a look.

Possession of firearm on certain premises prohibited; applicability; violation as misdemeanor; penalty.
(a) A depository financial institution or a subsidiary or affiliate of a depository financial institution.
(b) A church or other house of religious worship.
(c) A court.
(d) A theatre.
(e) A sports arena.
(f) A day care center.
(g) A hospital.
(h) An establishment licensed under the Michigan liquor control act. (legislature.mi.gov)

Note while churches and day care centers are on there, schools are not. So not all polling places are covered here.

See also this.

The above section does not apply to any of the following:

  • The owner or a person hired as security (if the firearm is possessed for the purpose of providing security)
  • A peace officer
  • A person with a valid concealed pistol license (CPL) issued by any state
  • A person who possesses on one of the above listed premises with the permission of the owner or owner’s agent (michigan.gov)

So outside of the places mentioned above...

And of the places where you can't carry (see also misdemeanor), that law doesn't apply to you if you have a valid CPL from any state.

Does this make you feel safer at the polls if you're going? Would you or will you be going to vote with your pistol?

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