It's a trend that crops up every now and again across social media so we figured we'd jump on the bandwagon!

Basically, all you do is take your job description and "dumb it down."

However, "dumb" may not be the right word choice there because once people describe their jobs in the most simple, basic terms it actually does take some brain power to figure out just what the heck they're talking about.

Of course, some of these job descriptions all come down to the wording and some jobs are just asking to be turned into a dirty joke. Euphemisms are always welcome and can turn any job description into a dirty one if you try hard enough!

We asked listeners on Facebook to "poorly describe what you do for work" and leave it up to everyone else to guess. Here were some of the best, see how many you can get and how many leave you wondering "wait, WHAT does this person do!?"

Guess These Jobs Based On Simple Descriptions

We would like to thank everyone who submitted these descriptions and we hope you have a good laugh reading them and an even better laugh trying to guess these jobs!

It is so funny to us how even when something is broken down into its simplest terms, it actually makes it harder to pinpoint what someone actually does.

While we don't have an "official" answer key, maybe some of these descriptions peaked your interest and will have you searching for your next dream job!

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