Recently Canturbury Village in Lake Orion was working to bring a drive-in movie experience to people during COVID-19 but has since been forced to postpone.

As someone who has never been to a drive-in movie and thought it would be the perfect way to still get out and see a movie in a unique way while adhering to social distancing guidelines, I guess that is not the case.

As Click On Detroit reported, Canturbury Village posted on their Facebook Page about the delay in their plan for the drive-in movies.

Village owner, Keith Aldridge, pointed out the precautions they were taking by limiting the amount of cars, each one getting a 20x20 spot and deciding against concessions but ultimately understands why they have to postpone the sold-out events.

On their Facebook page, Canturbury Village does re-iterate the events are merely postponed, tickets that have already been purchased are valid for the new dates but refunds are available to those who request them.

As the village said, we will have to wait just a bit longer for life to feel "normal" again and all of us will just have to get creative with fun ideas to get us through this as the weather gets nicer and nicer in time to enjoy Spring.

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