Many brides and grooms had to reschedule their wedding this year, some probably outright cancelled theirs after being "quarantined" together and some are continuing as scheduled as restrictions are lifted.

As "wedding season" is in full-swing, we still have a pandemic on our hands, things are going to be looking a bit different for those saying "I do" in 2020.

One of Jordan's best friends is getting married this weekend and is an usher in the ceremony.

We originally were invited back in December of 2019 and we were all so excited as this is the first couple in our friend group to reach this milestone. As COVID-19 hit, plans had to change and at one point the groom asked the guys in his wedding party if they could leave their plus-ones at home to cut down the guest list.

Though their ceremony was not moving forward as planned, it was still happening and we were all still so happy for them, even if some of us couldn't be there in person.

Fast-forward to a few weeks ago when numbers seemed to be on their way down and restrictions were being lifted. Jordan came home one day and said "Hey, you're re-invited to the wedding!"

At first I was super excited, and I still am, but it hit me that things would still be different.

"Would we have to wear masks?" "How do you social distance on a dance floor?" were among the questions going through my mind.

While I am so excited to go to this wedding and so happy for our friends, am I being a selfish jerk for being a bit concerned?

If you were planning to attend a wedding this summer and they were still having it, would you go?

It's kind of one of those things where the bride and groom kind of have to be a bit more understanding with their friends and family if there is anyone who does not feel comfortable or safe being in attendance.

All in all, I am going to this wedding and am so excited to celebrate our friends. Any extra precautions we have to take will be absolutely worth it to just be able to be there with them, something we didn't think was going to be able to happen this year.

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