My usual drive into work was slowed by my love for the outdoors and little creatures. For the record, yes, I hunt and fish! That means that something usually dies and gets eaten. That said, I have a great respect for all living creatures and do not like to see them get hit by cars. Especially slow moving reptiles trying to cross a busy road.

Two such turtles came into play today. The first was on Dell Road. A large turtle was trying to cross and was narrowly missed by several cars as I tried to spin around and give it a hand. I was thanked as the little guy (or girl. I didn't do a belly check) pee'd down my leg!

The second came minutes later on College Road near Jolly. A smaller painted turtle needed a little boost. So, risking traffic, it too was saved. All I can say now is "move over Shelby, there's a new Turtle Man in town!"