Welcome to the CBD era. What is CBD? Click here for a professional definition. Have you tried it yet? Some people don't like it because some CBD is extracted from cannabis. Even though it won't get ANYONE high... People are reluctant to try it.

A few weeks ago, I have some CBD infused coffee and that night, I slept like a baby.

One CBD product is made right here in the area. Wise Owl Apothecary is run by Tony and Tammy Page out of Williamston. You can find their products at Foods For Living.

Courtesy of Wise Owl Apothecary
Courtesy of Wise Owl Apothecary

Here is what they say:

Wise Owl Apothecary is a family-owned business from central Michigan. Our passion for CBD began in 2014 when we began using CBD supplements ourselves and saw how life-changing the effects can be. We knew we wanted to share CBD and its benefits with others and became determined to develop the most effective, natural products on the market.​
At Wise Owl, we are passionate about plant medicine, and are dedicated to sourcing our ingredients from sustainable, fair-trade, organic, and local sources whenever we can. We feel that we have successfully developed a line of effective CBD products that you can feel good about using. Our promise is to continue our dedication to the development of potent formulations that work for everyone in your family, from pet to parent! Our products undergo extensive testing with PSI Laboratories in Ann Arbor, Michigan to ensure dosage accuracy.

Click here to check out their website. They are in over 300 stores and offer educational classes.

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