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My wife loves today! It's National Grab Some Nuts Day! Now, check out some pictures of nuts... but some aren't REALLY nuts. Do you know what are nuts? This is nuts.

Nut Gallery

There is a Michigan Nut Growers Association. They keep everything nice and trim so the nuts look bigger. Seriously, in Michigan we produce HUGE nuts. The most popular nuts in Michigan are walnuts, chestnuts, hazelnuts and Wolverines.

Do you know any nut geeks? The internet is full of know it all nut grabbers who fight over what is truly a nut and what isn't.

A great many “culinary” nuts, are nothing of the sort. Almonds, for example, are in fact drupes, not nuts at all. Neither are cashews, pistachios and pine nuts. Many tree nuts are drupes, including walnuts and pecans (although confusingly these are known as drupaceous nuts as they are difficult to categorize and are not true botanical nuts). Almonds, olives, peaches, coffee beans, cherries and plums are all classic drupes. The seeds in drupes, are protected within fleshy three-layered husks or exocarps

They said drupaceous nuts. I wonder if the exocarps matches the drapes?

Whoever came up with this day was after my heart. They must be maturity disadvantaged, like me and still find the word nuts fun to say.

Hang out and grab some nuts!

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