BLIMEY! Saturday September 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Ya'ar! It be one of my favoritest days of the year, be.

When I broke in to the radio biz back in 2002, this was one of my first memories of radio was Talk Like a Pirate Day with Tim and Deb. I was a lowly intern running the board but we had so much fun that day, we carried on the tradition.

It's simple, you just talk like a pirate. The more creative you are the better. Learn some pirate sayings, some pirate lingo. Call the ladies a wench and get away with it!

The look on someone's face when you call them a lubber is priceless. A lubber is a person who lives on land. He's a land lubber.

Who do you think is the most famous pirate? Johnny Depp? Keith Richards?

You can click here to generate your own pirate name derived from your name. Mine was Frownin' Bernard Cutty. Maitlynn was Black Death Skyler.

You can check out a bunch of pirate terms by clicking here.

A few years ago, the internet came out with a new term called porch pirates. These are people who look for UPS and Amazon to deliver packages and then go steal them.


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