Do you miss hearing live music? You are not alone. Most of the summer, Maitlynn and I have been doing live music Fridays just to keep the goosebumps flowing. There is something very liberating about going to a show and letting it all hang out. Blowing off some steam and making some good or terrible memories with your friends. We have been deprived of that this summer and likely a good chunk of next year.

What is the next best thing? A virtual concert on your classic rock radio station! The Ultimate Classic Rock is the show we have on weekdays from 7-midnight hosted by Uncle Joe Benson. This weekend WMMQ presents The Ultimate Classic Rock Stock. It will feature about 20 bands from Aerosmith to Van Halen. Uncle Joe will have backstage interviews and 10 hours of legendary live Classic Rock performances. Part 1 starts Saturday from 7-midnight. Part 2 will be Sunday 7-Midnight. Labor Day both shows will re-air starting at 10am.

Do you have any concert t-shirts from 2020? Not a lot of people do. You can get your "Ultimate Classic Rock Stock" shirt from the WMMQ merch store. A portion of the proceeds benefit "Feeding America."

Bands like Winger, Nelson, Stryper and Warrant will not be played this weekend. These are the big boys of Classic Rock. Give your ears a treat this Labor Day weekend. Take us anywhere you go on the WMMQ app.

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