There is some satire in this article and it's best not to take it very serious.

Last week, on taco Tuesday I was bullied on the internet. I took my tube of ground beef I got from Meijer and squeezed it on to my copper pan. I pushed the meat down and it formed into a mitten shape. I thought it was funny so I took a picture and shared it on Facebook.

People started making fun of my pan. I was pan shamed. Pan bullied.

"LOL Copper Pan." I shame grown men who use the term LOL.

"The 70's called. They want their pan back.": Dude, the 80's paged and said that joke was never funny.

I got the pan as a Christmas gift from my in-laws. I cook up my pancakes, steaks, burgers and taco meat. I will not be pan shamed! I rock Copper. WHAT!?

Don't bully Copper Pan owners.




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