As a kid growing up in the 70's, there was always a special toy that I wanted. The new Evel Knievel motorcycle. The Pet Rock or even KISS Action figures. Did I ever get any of them? NO! And my parents weren't handing me ridiculous fake letters stating that as soon as Santa could make more, the elves would probably drop one off at my house.

It happens every year. The latest and greatest toy to get swiped off of the shelves, only to be resold to parents with more money than common sense, willing to shell out $200.00 to get little Johnny or Suzy the toy that they will forget about in two weeks! Seriously, how many people are still playing with their Cabbage Patch Dolls or their Furby?

In my house, there

was always just enough. Occasionally, there were little extras. Christmas time was filled with a balance of what we needed with a little of what we liked. One Christmas, Santa didn't even stop because we had to visit family in Texas for a funeral. Were we disappointed? Yes! At the same time, we moved on.

I guess the point of this is remind you to not panic. The kids will forget about the toy they thought they wanted when the next new thing comes along. Save your money, your hair and your sanity. They'll still love you and may even be better for it.

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