It was 30 years ago today that WMMQ unleashed the 'Classic Rock' format upon broadcast radio! The very first song played, according to the guys who launched it, was The Who's "Long Live Rock".

WLNS TV 6 anchor Sheri Jones stopped by this morning to reminisce about her days on the air at WMMQ in the late 1980s:

State Senator Rick Jones came by with a Proclamation declaring it WMMQ Classic Rock Day all across Michigan, as deemed by the Governor:

Lansing City Council member Kathie Dunbar brought by the Proclamation by Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero that declares today WMMQ Classic Rock Day; Former on-air host Bill Elliott shared some of his funny stories; midday host Duran Martinez and afternoon host Nick Chase stopped by the studio to share in the celebration, as did Jenn Taylor, who hosted the 7-Midnight show on WMMQ until Alice Cooper took her job.

Thank you to all of them. Thank you to my partner, Joey Pants, who makes this job so much fun and is so good at what he does.

It is my honor and pleasure to be co-hosting the morning show for 25 years now. Thank you all for being my radio family. Thank you for the pictures of your kids, your grandkids and your pygmy goats. Thank you for reaching out when you need to hear a friendly voice...for sharing your thoughts, adventures and funny stories. I am grateful to share this journey with you all.

Oh - and here's a pic of Bill Elliott taken in the studio at WMMQ back in the late 1980s. These days he mostly works at travel and photography.