Crews are still working to restore power after a wicked summer storm blew through Greater Lansing Friday afternoon. Sounds like East Lansing may have gotten hit the hardest - a transformer fell onto the roof of a church there, left a big hole.

Utility crews are still working to restore service to parts of the region - sounded like 1,200 residences still without power as of this morning.

Even once the juice gets flowing again, there will be chainsaws roaring through the week as felled trees are removed and hauled away. WLNS TV 6 has more info here.


Thanks to Smitty Smith for letting me use his picture for the story. He says he didn't get power back at his East Lansing home for two days.

Among a couple dozen other things, Smitty books really fantastic shows at The Pump House on Orchard Street in East Lansing. I've seen a couple of shows there and REALLY enjoyed them. Details here on upcoming shows.