The heat continues in Mid Michigan today with the heat index expected to reach 102 degrees. Health and safety become a factor when temperatures soar this high. Don't mess around. If you need to cool off, visit one of the Lansing Area Cooling Centers.

Check on your neighbors that may be immobile, elderly or in poor health. If you cannot provide a cool place for them to cool off, drive them to one of the numerous cooling centers throughout Mid Michigan.

Perhaps you just need to take a dip to cool off. Lansing has plenty of options when it comes to jumping in head first to cool off. Jumping into a lake or pool when it's this hot, can relieve your "hotness" quickly and it's fun to do.

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Image Courtesy of Google Street View
Image Courtesy of Google Street View

Another way to cool off in the event you don't have AC at your house is to walk around the mall. The mall is cool and you can cool off there. Visit any of the libraries in the area, grab a book and read for awhile. Libraries are cool and you've been meaning to read that book for decades.

Lansing Area Cooling Centers & Shelters

CADL Downtown Library - 401 S Capitol Avenue, Lansing 48933

CATA Transportation Center - 420 S Grand Avenue, Lansing 48933

City of Lansing Foster Community Center - 200 N Foster Street, Lansing 48912

City of Lansing Gier Community Center - 2400 Hall Street, Lansing 48906

City of Lansing Letts Community Center - 1220 W Kalamazoo Street, Lansing 48915

City of Lansing Schmidt Community Center - 5825 Wise Road, Lansing 48911

CADL South Lansing Library - 3500 S Cedar Street, Lansing 48910

The Outreach (City Rescue Mission) - 601 N Larch Street, Lansing 48910

Advent House - 743 N Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard, Lansing 48915

City Rescue Mission, Women and Children - 2216 S Cedar Street, Lansing 48910

Holy Cross New Hope Community Center - 430 N Larch Street, Lansing 48912

Haven House - 121 Whitehills Drive, East Lansing 48823

Loaves and Fishes - 831 N Sycamore Street, Lansing 48906

The Homeless Angels - 3216 W Main Street, Lansing 48917

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