Whether you are always having little tiffs or full-blown fights, every couple argues just a little bit.

While my boyfriend is not yet my "spouse" we have been together for five and a half years and have been living together for about a year so I feel like I have a pretty good idea.

Jordan and I really don't fight all that much. We both have been working on our communication skills, though, because we noticed when we did actually fight, it was full of things we had been holding on to longer than we should have.

I remember when we first were starting to move in there were a handful of people who would tell us "oh good luck with that" or "you'll be ready to kill each other soon."

It made me really look into why is it this common trope to "hate" your significant other? Sure, we all do things that annoy our significant others but to constantly talk to your friends about how horrible they are? That's really not fair and old stereotypes lead us to believe "that's just how it is."

Well, a recent survey done by SWNS Digital broke down the smaller arguments couples hash out the most and honestly, it's absolutely true:

Top 8 Things Couples Argue About

I will admit, going through this list I said "YUP" a whole lot more than I would like to...

Things like where to eat and what to watch are ones that really depend on the different interests you both have. While one of you is on a health kick, maybe the other wants fast food. As far as TV goes, Jordan and I have had our fair share of tiffs because I like to watch a lot of comedy series' but he prefers car videos...so we had to find that balance.

I will say, I absolutely appreciate how understanding he is about things like bedtimes and alarm clocks as my schedule makes it so I have to be up about four hours before he is. Though, I probably could pick a less obnoxious alarm sound that maybe isn't the song "Crazy B***h" by Buckcherry...

All in all, with these smaller arguments, you have to ask yourself if they are really worth it. What's worse, one big fight every once in a while or consistent little ones constantly chipping away at the cracks in the foundation of your relationship?

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