One day, I was driving through Webberville and saw this kid riding a bike with a creepy, Slipknot like mask on. Slipknot is a band that wears masks. The mask this kid was wearing was just covering his mouth. I thought, "in this day and age, that is a bad idea, kid." It was distracting and I rubbernecked to make sure I saw what I saw.

It's not just creepy masks. Creepy clowns are invading the midwest and now they are in Michigan. Go figure , it's causing disturbances.

Northern Michigan's News Leader

I was in clowning as a kid. Even when I dressed as a HAPPY clown (my name was Giggles), people would avoid me like the plague. I guess they watch too many movies. Clowning is fun. Except people thinking you are a murderer and washing the blood off... I mean makeup.

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