It seems that every couple of years, the Cut River Bridge near Brevort is under construction and travelers driving on US 2 are forced to detour.

Well, before the summer travel starts, you can say you were warned. The MDOT Map once again shows that the landmark bridge will be under construction from May through August.

One of the most photographed locations in the Upper Peninsula, the steel cantilever structure will once again undergo repairs and painting and force travellers to take a long, out of the way trip just to avoid the 641 foot long structure. Hovering 147 feet above ground and built between 1941 - 1947, it has hosted countless guests who walk across from one side to the next and head down the long stairwell to see the mouth of the river travel into Lake Michigan. The site even boasts a heavy wooden door with a brass plaque that reads "T. Troll"  on it, located underneath the main structure. Although we have knocked many times, we have yet to see what's in there.

For more information, visit the MDOT website by clicking the link here: 2018 MDOT UP Road Closures.


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