Again, the beauty of our state reminds us why we tolerate the whip-lashing temperatures and teeth-knocking, vehicle wrecking roads. Temptress!

They say that the blue ice that recently appeared at the Straits of Mackinac is a phenomenon that is a rare occurrence and when it occurs, people come flocking with cameras in hand - or, these days, drones in flight.

If you aren't among those who had the opportunity to behold this particular slice of gorgeous nature, you can at least see what others were able to capture.

We'd love to see your pics/video if you have any, either from this year or in the past.

The Detroit Free Press reports that one photographer, Tori Burley of Mackinaw City, advises taking your pics "at sunrise or just before sunset to get the perfect shot."

"The lower light gives the ice the best blue glow and makes it pop a lot more in photos," said Burley.


Check out some of the videos:



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