I remember going to a D.A.R.E. assembly at school, we were all forced to. I remember them talking about pot and everyone laughing. It seemed they were so misinformed about Marijuana, putting it in a class with heroin, cocaine and meth. It was like a joke to us. It always gave me a bad impression about the program. It lacked credibility.

This was the "Just Say No" era and information didn't spread as fast as it does now. Now, some states have legalized recreational use and Medical use. So, it seems a bit silly to put out lies when the truth is already out there.

My cousin is a drug counselor and when I shared this on my Facebook page, she replied: "Actually research shows that tobacco is the gateway drug now because kids know how bad tobacco is for them but will use it anyways. Those are the kids that are most likely to use and try other substances."

Crazy study in one of the stories: Researchers at the University of Kentucky conducted a study called “Project D.A.R.E.: No Effects at a 10 Year Follow-Up.” The data shows that the D.A.R.E. program is pretty much worthless, with students being no more likely to avoid experimenting with drugs and alcohol than those who didn’t take part. Click here to see the full story. Another version of the story is here.