Having a teenage daughter in today's self absorbed world of social media and instant information, can be a hassle to say the least. Phones with cameras that far and away out do our old Kodak Instamatics of the past!

But one man's fight has gone viral. Chris "Burr" Martin has come up with a way to let his photo obsessed 19 year old daughter that two can play this game. Martin has taken to     Al Gore's internet and has copied all of Cassie's racy moves in his own hilarious pictorial.

Not only has he copied her every photo move, he has surpassed her followers on Instagram by almost double! His 70,000 followers versus her 40,000 has made him a viral sensation!

Although it doesn't appear that Cassie is giving up her internet job, it does give us hope that Martin will keep providing us with more of his own selfies!

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Note: "Thanks" to Jason Falardeau for posting this to Facebook! (The article, not my selfie)

Awesome Photo by Debra Hart