Our pal Penny from the Capital Area Humane Society brought 'Punky' the kitten by the radio station this morning.

I felt like a jerk because when I first saw Penny in the lobby with the kitten, I asked why all of his fur had been 'shorn', if you will. She said because he had lice (NOT fleas) when he was brought in to the Humane Society. Of course I made an 'ewwww' face, sort of patted his head and backed away, not wanting to take any bugs home to my people and pet family. Nor did I want any.

Penny was quick to assure me that of course they had taken care of the problem before bringing Punky to come see us. Her pal Lori, who also volunteers at the shelter AND fosters kittens, said that she took a whole litter with 'feline lice', which is species specific - no problems for her.

Not too long after making a face and walking away, I realized how rude and inappropriate is was for me to shun little Punky, so I went back to get him from the lobby and brought him to visit Joey in the studio.

He had a few things to say about being roused from his cozy snooze in Penny's arms.

Look at this pic - are you kidding me?!? SO cute!


Punky With Bat Wings

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