I got a call last week from Deb Hart. Basically telling me this.

I love Deb. I am as big of fan as any. I worked with her for 7 and half years and she still talks to me. She wanted me to know she was taking a new broadcast gig. That is how classy she is. She didn't need to do it.

Now, I went to school with Bob Hoffman and have worked with him for years. He also is the man for the Wharton Center and has come to do the show with Deb and I. He is one of the nicest dudes I have ever met and he loves Deb too.

So, being a smart ass, I sent Deb a text talking smack about Bob. How no one in this town has screwed over more people and what a vicious BASTARD he is. I guess I forget to add a sarcastic emoji or let her know I was TOTALLY joking. I think she thought I was serious.

Deb came over to see my kid and me. While playing hide and seek with Nugget, I managed to scare Deb and make her scream twice.

Good luck on Morning Blend! They are lucky to have you BOTH.

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