Sure Roller Derby has been having a moment in the last decade, but the golden era of the sport from the 1970s is poised to make a comeback.

Sport-leading Los Angeles Thunderbirds icon Stephanie Garcia recently announced they're working on a return to television.

We’re out pitching networks for a new RollerGames league. It will be co-ed just the way it always was. We will be using the same rules, track and classic team names. And, the long awaited return to television of the World Famous Los Angeles T-Birds!

The roller derby community was quick with excitement but some questions sprung up if this potential revival was for the made-for-TV RollerGames spectacle from 1989-1990 or the older LA-based Roller Derby league.

A subsequent post on the Rollergame Fan Page on Facebook provided clarification and invoked the classic city-based teams of the earlier league including the Detroit Devils:

there is no mention of the 1989 series Rock and Rollergames. The Violators, Hot Flash, Rockers, Maniacs and Bad Attitude are not being used. No figure 8 track, wall of death or Jet Jump. As Stephanie is the owner of the T-Birds and RGI, There are other teams that are in the league....teams like the Texas Outlaws, NY Bombers, Renegades, Chicago Hawks, Detroit Devils and Northern Hawks.

About the Classic Detroit Devils Roller Derby Team

If roller derby is anything like pro wrestling, and there are parallels, the Detroit Devils were the heels, the bad guys (and girls) who were positioned as the antagonists to the All-American good guys. In the case of Roller Games, the Detroit Devils were heels to the Los Angeles Thunderbirds. The face of the Devils was manager Mizz Georgia Hass, who

had a longtime bitter feud against the legendary Los Angeles Thunderbirds (aka the T-Birds). It was rumored that she tried out for the T-Birds but never got her shot, so went on to skate for, and later manage, the Devils.

Pure pro wresting storyline, no?

Check out some Detroit Devils roller derby action.

Mizz Georgia Hass doing her thing:

So should the group behind the potential resurgence of Roller Games become successful, you know the T-Birds will be there, and they'll certainly need their Washington Generals, so who better than a rejuvenated Detroit Devils?

Note: the image accompanying this article is a promo photo of Detroit Devils skater Tammy Locke and available on ebay.


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