It's all about Satan today! It's Devil's Night. Well, that is what it used to be called. To stop fires in Detroit, they started calling it Angel's Night but I will never do that.

Classic Rock offers the best songs about the Devil as most deals for hit records were made with Satan. I always ask, how do we know Satan is a dude? The way my life has gone, I am leaning towards a woman... A DEVIL WOMAN.

Take D away from the Devil and it's just plain evil. To think that one omnipotent being going around making sure everyone's life sucks, it kind of makes me think of a wife or mother in-law. Not mine but... I don't want to joke about it too much. Ozzy and Mötley Crüe had some dark clouds following them for a while. Ozzy started wearing a crucifix.


Sympathy for the Devil is a Rolling Stones song. Guns and Roses covered it but this is Halloween, dammit. I imagine if Satan was a dude, he would try to look like Lemmy.

Mitch Ryder wrote a tune about the devil being a transvestite.

One of the only Grateful Dead songs I can remember is "Friend of the Devil."

Aerosmith has a scorcher about the Devil...

Remember the Christian band Stryper? hahahahaha.

The best songs about the Devil are Van Halen! #3.

Charlie Daniels Had the #2 song about the Devil... I love a good story.

My favorite song about the Devil comes from Mötley Crüe. To this day, it still raises the hair on my arm..



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Bonus DEVIL! So, back in the 90's there was a band called Ugly Kid Joe who had one of my favorite songs about the Devil. Ugly Kid Joe was a spoof of the hair band Pretty Boy Floyd. I liked both bands.

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