I always try to stay out of politics but this was too good not to share. I have been telling Deb all morning about Dirty Money, the new Netflix documentary. I just watched the first 2 shows yesterday.

The first story was about the "Diesel cheating" Volkswagen 's. Corporate lies, deceit and cheating all in the name of money. Click here to see the story. The crazy thing is, about 9 thousand of those cars still sit in the Pontiac Silverdome parking lot. You got a good view of them in December when they tried to implode the ol' Lions home. I kept thinking, "Why are all those cars there?"


These cars pollute up to 80 times more than advertised. As many as 69 were stolen last year and almost sold at an auction. Click here to see that story.

So, it through the first 2 episodes and they are amazing. I heard the last one is about Trump and naturally his fans REALLY appreciated it. I have not seen it yet but I thought the 2 I watched were fair and balanced. It's good investigative journalism and eye opening stuff.

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