There a some folks out there that have not fully embraced the idea of a cell phone as there only form of telephone communication. Then there are those of us that have the remnants of the old phone in the kitchen. The one that had the longest cord and was usually stretched into oblivion while you tried to hide your conversation. All before the advent of cordless phones, of course.

The question is, do you still have evidence of the old technology or have you covered it up with the yearly calendar that your insurance company sends you every year?

The thought comes after staring at the jack in my own home. That and wondering how many calls were made through that port that connects you to the news and gossip of the outside world.

Having bought the house from my wife's parents, the thought of three kids, plus two adults, with one phone line? Chaos comes to mind!

Let us know how you hide yours or did you just pull it out and cover it up?

The Jack


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