Woah. These stories made me cringe a little. First off, a doctor in New York's Mount Sinai Hospital was accused of fondling a 22 year-old female while she was sedated. Then ejaculating on her face. Click here to see that CRAZY story from January. The Iraq War Veteran is not allowed to see patients until the investigation is complete.

Today, I read about a nurse in New York who was snapping pictures of her sedated patients penises. She sent two to her friends in a text message. She surrendered her license and did not contest the charge of moral unfitness in the practice. Click here to see that crazy s***!

Earlier this month, a nurse at a nursing center in Oklahoma ordered about 3,800 hydrocodone pills to feed her addiction. She was eating about 30 per day. She ordered 790 pills for one patient but he only got about 60 of them. Check out that story here.