You Should Probably File This Under Common Sense

Because if you've been drinking, you know you definitely shouldn't be driving.

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See also if you've been drinking, you probably shouldn't be carrying around a loaded firearm. Just saying.

How Did We Get Here?

When a cop gets busted for DUI, it's just a little worse isn't it? For them, their department, it's all over the media.

Kinda like this.

The thing that really caught my eye here was the following.

Michigan State University Police Captain Valerie O’Brien has been charged with two misdemeanors.

Charge One: operating a vehicle with high blood alcohol content (BAC)

Charge Two: carrying a concealed pistol with BAC of 0.1 or more. (WILX)

The first charge is of course a doozy. But Charge Two?!? Maybe I'm late to the game and it only makes perfect sense but, CCW with a BAC OF 0.1 or more?!?

You obviously can't drink and drive. And common sense would dictate that you probably should not drink and conceal carry a loaded gun. And you would think an officer would know that right?

Turns Out Both Are Really Bad, But Drinking and CCW Means You Could Lose That Permit

There's a whole law subsection called "Carrying Under The Influence".

An individual shall not carry a concealed pistol or portable device that uses electro-muscular disruption (EMD) technology while under the influence of alcoholic liquor or a controlled substance or while having a bodily alcohol content of .02 BAC or above. (

And by EMD they mean this.

Police Launch The New Taser Gun
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If you get a CPL, you are giving implied consent to submit to a chemical test and the drunker you are the worse off it's going to be for you.

  • BAC of .02 - .07 = State civil infraction, $100 fine, and 1-year CPL suspension.

  • BAC of .08 - .09 = 93-day misdemeanor, $100 fine, and 3-year CPL suspension.

  • BAC of .10 or more, or under the influence of alcoholic liquor or a controlled substance = 93-day misdemeanor, $100 fine, and CPL revocation. (

Sure you're looking at infractions, misdemeanors, and fines. But the kick in the pants for you is that you might get your CPL suspended from 1 - 3 years and possibly get it revoked.

Don't risk it. Don't drink and drive ever. And if you're going to drink, maybe leave the weapon at home or follow THESE TIPS.

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