Make sure you remember to set those clocks back an hour this weekend. You don't want to show up early or late, whatever it is... It really happens Sunday, SUNDAY! Or Saturday night before you go to be bed, if you are like me.

I always seem to forget the car and it messes with me for a few days but then it smooths out. During the spring, daylight saving is hazardous to your health but good for crime. Robberies go down when the extra hour of daylight appears but risk of heart attack goes up after losing an hour of sleep.

Studies show Daylight Savings does not do what it is supposed to: Conserve energy. A study in Indiana says it's actually an energy waster.

People don't seem to be as angry in the fall about gaining that extra hour. It's in the spring when everyone starts talking about why we do the damn "Daylight Savings" time. I mean, they say Ben Franklin thought it was a good idea to save candles. It does help the farmers but I always think about this meme...

In reality, Ben Franklin was joking and making fun of the French when he wrote an essay suggesting America adopt Daylight Savings back in 1784.

Here we are getting ready to set the clocks back 236 years later.

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