The Double JJ Resort in Rothbury, MI announced that its Electric Forest festival will continue for at least another 10 years. According to an article, the resort and promoter AEG Live announced the extension today. For those not familiar, the festival is full of electronic music, featuring "D.J.'s" spinning the oonce, oonce, boots and pants crap that for some reason appeals to so many millenials. (I'm sure Mollies and microdot have no bearing on the popularity). The resort has gone through tumultuoustimes in its past, including bankruptcy, foreclosure, and resulting changes in ownership.

Once upon a time, the Rothbury Music Festival featured actual musicians and bands displaying actual talents and skills. Past performers included Bob Dylan, Dave Matthews, Willie Nelson, REO Speedwagon, and others; mixed in with a just few boots and pants, no-talent assclowns. When the resort and festival fell on hard times in 2010, the festival went on hiatus, only to return in 2011 as the Electric Forest, appealing to twenty-somethings fascinated with synthetic hallucinogens. (Sound familiar to you Mid-Michigan classic rockers??? Ahem...CG?) In case you were wondering...Rothbury is about an hour's drive down M-20 from August's "Project P" rave in Mecosta County