I LOVE to laugh. A few weeks ago, I stumbled onto this guy and he makes me laugh with every word. His delivery is perfect and his tag line "I got s__t to do" has caught on here among the staffers. Duran and I think he is a genius. Below is the first video we saw and he puts one out every Friday at 4:20 pm central. THESE VIDEOS CONTAIN STRONG AWESOME LANGUAGE THAT WILL EASILY OFFEND ANYONE ANYWHERE.

Seriously, it's for adults only. Don't say you haven't been warned.

Click here to see the video and how to make your own homemade electric toothbrush. 

Deb said she "wants to not like the guy but he's so entertaining."

If you like his page there are countless hilarious videos and pictures. One of my favorites is the taco kickstand that also works for wieners. Click here to find Steve's page.

Courtesy of Steve's Facebook page


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