WLNS.com reports a disturbing story that once again deals with animal cruelty. Shiawassee County officials seized and rescued more than 120 cats from a property between Perry and Laingsburg early Wednesday. The rescue effort comes after what WLNS says was a month-long investigation into a cat sanctuary owned by a veterinarian identified as Nancy Bischof. Bischof's attorney, Troy Clarke, denies any wrongdoing, cruelty, or neglect on the part of his client despite officials finding cats roaming the property in multiple barns and buildings, and complaints from neighbors about the foul smell of the property. It was this tip and complaint that got the attention of Shiawassee officials.

After some Inter-web snooping, there are links connecting Bischof to a Banfield Animal Hospital in Scottsdale, Arizona. Clicking on the link takes you to a site with a listing of staffers...Bischof is not listed.

Another search turned up an article from 2010 published by the Ionia Sentinel-Standard, discussing Bischof's dedication and caring touch at a veterinary clinic near Lake Odessa, Lakewood Veterinary Clinic. That clinic's Facebook page hasn't had a post since December 2015, when it was stated that there was no veterinarian on duty at that clinic. Other posts point to no DVM since October 2015. The clinic's website names Melissa Blievernicht DVM, but there is no visible date of that page's creation.

The cats are being transferred to Capital Area Humane Society for health evaluations and care. The Shiawassee County Prosecutor's Office will now decide if any charges will be brought against Bischof.