I thought this was awesome and worth sharing. You may have to login to Facebook to see it. American Pole Vaulter Sam Kendricks was about to vault and on his run, he heard the "Star Spangled Banner" and stopped dead in his tracks to salute. He actually showed a sense of desperation trying to face the flag.

True patriotism brings a tear to my eye. U.S. Army Reserve 2nd LT Sam Kendricks is a proud American and I love what he did. Deb asked "why did they send him when the Anthem was playing?" Track and field events are all going on simultaneously, so it's kind of chaotic.

The comments on this post were great and you can see them by clicking here. 

This dude is much better representative of the United States than 6 time Gold Medalist Ryan Lochte. Who is NOTHING MORE THAN A SEX IDIOT! Proof below

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