Pro Tip: Always think twice before calling the police when you're intoxicated.

Early Thursday morning a 37-year-old man from South Euclid, Ohio was shocked to wake up to find his car missing from his driveway.  In my head, this played out like the Ashton Kutcher movie, "Dude, Where's My Car."  Well, without the brilliant comedy timing of Ashton, Sean William Scott and Jennifer Garner.  In reality, involved this Ohio man calling the police to report his car stolen and going back to sleep.  The police arrived 4 hours later to find the car and it's contents in the man's driveway according to,

The man, 37, said he had been drinking alcohol the previous evening and had forgotten that he had loaned his vehicle to a friend. He asked for no further assistance.

I wonder if this guy was partying the night before with the traffic twerker from Toledo.  If you haven't watched the video of the woman twerking while be arrested in the middle of an intersection in Ohio you MUST click here.

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