Valentine's morning saw some action in the great up north, Michigan. 1am, when anyone on the road is a target. An officer from the Petoskey Department of Public Safety tried to make a traffic stop for a "moving violation"  on a Jeep and the Jeep just kept driving. The officer gave up the chase but another officer from Emmer County started tracking the Jeep and followed it to a home. Once at the house, the police followed the footprints and bust a habitual drunk driving offender. A 50 year-old was arraigned on six felony charges: two counts of fleeing and eluding police. Two counts of resisting and obstructing police. Plus his third offense of operating a vehicle while intoxicated. In 1999, Jeep Guy was facing four felony charges in Grand Traverse County for a bunch more drinking and driving charges. He has quite a rap sheet and a history of really bad decisions.

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Those Petoskey Public Safety vehicles look a LOT like parking cop vehicles. I am just playing the devil's advocate here but being a bit tipsy, he may have thought a rent a cop was trying to pull him over. But he won't be the first or last guy busted by his snow print.

Now, he is a habitual offender and the ends will justify the means in any courtroom. Any argument wouldn't hold up. YOU SHOULD NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE UP NORTH! You may hit a deer and spill your beer!

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