I have a new addiction. It's online shopping. It's like the last aisle in the store. I call it the power of suggestion aisle. But this aisle goes on forever.

My wife said, "You're about 3 years late to the party!" Amazon, Walmart, Costco, Home Depot... there isn't a website out there I haven't been checking out lately.

I have a current project I am sure will lead me into retirement. It has absorbed a great chunk of my time here at the house. I never thought I would see it accomplished but online shopping has made the reality much easier to accomplish, especially since I am trying to stay safe for my little girl.

Um yeah, we have bought her so many musical instruments online. An accordion, slide flute, trumpet, saxophone and a Ukulele. She loves music.

Stuff keeps showing up at our house and my wife is like, "WTF do you need that for?" Last night, I got all excited because found a cheap mini submersible water pump. I have an idea for a yard fountain, plus my basement keeps taking on water. Found one for 15 bucks. That is cheaper than I rented one for earlier this year when my basement flooded. The wife was not impressed.

Now, I don't drink but many people who do have shared their drunken misadventures. Some of these pictures were so funny my stomach hurt from laughing so hard.

Cat Power Shower Curtain. Seriously, I could have done an entire list of just cat shower curtains but this one screamed "Space Cat" or "Meow Wars."

Space Cat Shower Curtain via Amazon

I love cats but good God. Speaking of Jesus, here is Nicolas Cage as Jesus on a pillow case cover. You can also get a Jesus Cage throw to match it. This one will cost you more than 30 pieces of silver. 

HADIHADI via Amazon

Like the cats, they have an entire Nicolas Cage pillow case series. It hurts your stomach. This one would literally keep me up at night.


One dude went to buy a top hat for his frog and ended up buying 100.

Trounistro via Amazon
Lord Fox via Amazon

It did not get a good review. You could spend all day just reading the reviews.

Have you ever made a drunken Amazon purchase that made for a great story?

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