I love this story from the United Kingdom. Where they love a man in a dress more than their precious Royal family. I really wanted to share this story because it involves a fella named Joey who didn't wear Pants. Click here to see it all before I break it down.

Joey worked at a call center. Said call center had a dress code that said MEN MUST WEAR PANTS AT ALL TIMES. Like any self respecting person. There was a heatwave in England recently so he decided to wear shorts to work. He was sent home. So, he wore a dress to work and got them to change the code during the heatwave. They asked him to go home and change the dress... Just to be a DICK, he stayed at work in the dress.

Put your Pants on JOEY! I think Joey will be looking for a new job soon.

Joey Pants 6-10 am Monday-Friday. Write that down.


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