When Ingham County Prosecutor Stuart Dunnings III was arrested in March for his alleged involvement in a prostitution scandal, rumors started flying around about how deeply involved Dunnings was and who may be linked to the alleged crimes along with him. And, according to a Lansing State Journal article, rumors about Dunnings and prostitutes have been circulating for about a decade within the walls of the Ingham County Sheriff's Office.

According to the story, Sheriff Gene Wrigglesworth told LSJ reporters that he had heard what is described as "locker room talk" from people who had been arrested on charges sought by Dunnings and his co-workers. Wrigglesworth also said he had heard from local police agencies that dunnings was frequently seen with women who were not his wife. The Sheriff did not elaborate as to which agency had made the allegations. But, LSJ did interview Lansing Police Chief Mike Yankowski, and the two individuals who preceded him. All claim to not know of any such sightings.

Dunnings is currently in a treatment center and has announced his resignation effective in July. As the juicy story gets juicier, enjoy this full read from the Lansing State Journal.